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Addart NGO produced two biographical narrative videos for this project and one promotional video for the event in Dresden.

Milos Jovic - Commemoration of the Second World War in Greece

jovic_milos_the_commemoration_of_world_war_II_in_greece.pdf (362.7 KiB)

Milos Jovic - Involvement of Thessaloniki in the Second World War

jovic_milos_the_involvement_of_thessaloniki_in_wwii.pdf (315.3 KiB)

"The Poet"

Evaggelia Kyrimi Pitsouli (1938)

Evangelia Kyrimi Pitsouli was born and is still living in Chortiatis, Greece. She is one of the survivors of the Chortiatis’ Holocaust. She has captured her story and the images of war and presents them through her poetry.

"The Hidden One"

Sterina Taboh (1932)

Sterina Taboh was born in 1932 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her story is about her survival through the gathering and extermination of the Jewish population in Thessaloniki.

The Prisoner

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