Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki took part actively in this project trough research and the production of two biographical narrative videos.

Prof. Pavlos Pantazis - Commemoration of the Second World War in Thessaloniki

pantazis_pavlos_commemoration_of_wwii_thessaloniki.pdf (117.1 KiB)

Prof. Pavlos Pantazis - About the Biographical Narrative and Oral History

pantazis_pavlos_about_the_biographical_narrative_and_oral_history.pdf (120.4 KiB)

Triantafyllos Mitafides - Commemoration of the Second World War in Thessaloniki: The depreciated Liberation

mitafides_triantafyllos_commemoration_of_wwii_thessaloniki_the_depreciated_liberation.pdf (42.3 KiB)


Aggelos Giannakitsas (1918)

Mr Aggelos Giannakitsas was born in 1918 in Agios Spiridonas, Viotia. Here he speaks of his experience in the German concentration camps and the way home.


Xanthoula Metaxioti-Zimvrakaki (1930)

Mrs Xanthoula Metaxiotι-Zimvrakaki was born in 1930 in Libadi, Olympus. She speaks of her memories during the Italian and German occupation of Greece and her and her family’s actions during that time.

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