Addart NGO – Thessaloniki, Greece

AddArt is a newly established not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation with uniquely experienced and knowledgeable staff. Its volunteers have worked as trainers, facilitators, workshop leaders, multimedia experts and artists for more than 10 years in the fields of comics, animation, storytelling, board games’ design and film making. They use their skills and knowledge to promote human rights, youth participation, EU citizenship, democracy, tolerance and free expression.

AddArt uses art as a tool to create interactive learning opportunities. Its target demographic includes children, disadvantaged youth, young people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as adults and seniors. It has contributed to the local community of Thessaloniki through charity actions and art activities in hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes and schools.

AddArt has participated in, facilitated and led several training courses, youth exchanges, seminars and art therapy workshops. Additionally, AddArt has collaborated with the municipality of Thessaloniki, other NGOs from Greece and other European countries.