Muncipality of Kistarcsa Város Önkormányzata

The municipality of Kistarcsa strives to provide residents with information that helps them understand and access the city’s services; it also promotes its facilities to visitors. It encourages the understanding of policies, activities and services by all audience groups. Since its inception, the Europe for Citizens program has furthered European understanding, cooperation and active citizenship. It also creates a platform for small communities like Kistarcsa to build social, economic and cultural ties that link individuals across thousands of kilometres, and help them embrace their differences and develop tolerance and mutual understanding. The municipality is actively seeking opportunities to connect with other communities to establish social, cultural & economic relationships that will promote common European citizenship, cultural and linguistic diversity.

Kistarcsa is twinned with Belusa (Slovakia), Turia (Romania) and Radomsyl nad Sanem (Poland).