Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest comprehensive University in Greece. It is widely recognised as a vibrant centre of learning which draws its inspiration from a long tradition of academic achievement. It prides itself in its international outlook. Most of its academic personnel have been trained in reputable Universities in Europe, the United States and as far afield as Australia and Japan. It has been actively participating in the Erasmus Programme since 1987, accounting approximately for one fourth of the total Erasmus mobility in Greece.

Nevertheless, mindful of rapid change and progress, we aim to improve our strategy, policies and everyday practices, in order to meet contemporary local and global demands. By assessing our experiences, we have been able to determine our strengths and weaknesses, and we have adopted a holistic internationalisation strategy, whose main objectives can be briefly described as follows:

  • Strengthen our role in the European and international knowledge community, by building upon collective and personal academic achievements.

  • Enhance our visibility among the traditionally prestigious academic institutions around the world by establishing long-term cooperation schemes at research, education and training level.

  • Reinforce our traditional presence as leading education and research institution in South-eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean by building focused strategic partnerships in the area.

  • Play a decisive role in academic exchange, good practices dissemination, and knowledge diffusion.

  • Support multicultural co-existence, social and cultural cohesion, and sustainable regional development.

  • Make multilateral rather than unilateral approaches a core aspect of our work, at education, research and administrative level.

  • Enhance and reinforce our relation with Greek society.

  • Make our graduates able to think and act across traditional academic boundaries and across national borders. Properly equip them, so that they may benefit from international knowledge and experience and support national and local dynamic development.



School of Film Studies, Fine Arts, A.U.Th

The School of Film Studies of the Aristotle University was established in 2004 and is the only public higher-education film school in Greece and is based in the country’s second biggest city, Thessaloniki. It offers a five-year programme of studies, covering both the 1st and 2nd cycle, leading to a degree in 8 possible directions: Screenwriting, Film Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound and Music of Cinema, Production Management, Set and Costume Design and Film Theory & History.

According to its founding statute the aim of the School is “to cultivate and promote film art in the context of a wider audio-visual education, through theoretical and applied tuition and research”. During the ten years of its existence the School has already educated young filmmakers “capable of contributing to the upgrading of local production” as the successful participation in international festivals testifies, together with the integration of an adequate number of our students in the professional world despite today’s dire economic conditions in the country.

Being the first and only film school of its kind in Greece the School has become a meeting place for a lot of Greek young talent in the field of film, as well as acclaimed professionals who teach as permanent staff or visiting lecturers. The School maintains a close connection with the film community so that various professionals visit the school and give masterclasses while it has had the honour of awarding honorary doctorates to emblematic figures of Greek cinema such as Michalis Kakoyannis, Pandelis Voulgaris and Costa Gavras. An important advantage of being located in Thessaloniki is the chance to follow closely the Thessaloniki International Film Festival which takes place twice a year (fiction films during the Winter and documentaries during the Spring semester) and is considered an integral part of the studies programme.