YouNet Association

YouNet is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation in Bologna, Italy which promotes, designs and implements learning mobility and European active citizenship activities. These projects include medium and long term volunteering and learning projects, cultural exchanges, scholastic and vocational guidance, cultural, social, sport, recreational and editorial activities. They also offer formative training aimed at organisations, social workers and citizens.

YouNet's work is based on active participation, non-formal education and a cross-sectoral multidisciplinary approach. It cooperates with public institutions, especially at local and regional level, and is active in the field of disadvantaged youth. Most of YouNet’s activists were involved in youth exchanges, leader trainings and seminars about social inclusion and helping youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds. YouNet itself organizes projects and activities about social inclusion at a local and international level.

Through formal agreement with the local and regional Europe Direct, the municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region, YouNet also runs an infopoint on transnational learning mobility such as volunteering, study, internships etc. Twice a week, YouNet’s staff provides information and support to youngsters and citizens who want to gain intercultural, training, education and working experience abroad.

Since 2010, YouNet has been accredited as an EVS Coordinating, Hosting and Sending Organisation. It has been involved as an applicant or partner in more than 50 EVS projects involving 20+ volunteers on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America).

YouNet participates in several networks including the Anna-Lindh Foundation, the Italian Network for European Volunteering (YouNet represents the Emilia-Romagna Region), the European Forum for Diversity and Interculturality (Founding Member) and the Europeans Regions for Youths (ERY) network. The ERY Network is a regional network that started in 2007 with the aim to enhance youth participation, influence and cultural exchanges.