Working Methods

  • Steered group meetings and discussions in Dresden, Wrocław and Thessaloniki.
  • Workshops on collecting memories through the biographical narrative methodologies in Dresden and Wrocław.
  • Collecting and recording memories of seniors from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Poland; young people interview seniors about their life experiences during and after WWII supported by sociologists, social psychologists, film makers, directors and documentary producers in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Poland.
  • Art, craft & drama workshops promoting intergenerational dialogue and cultural exchange in Dresden, Wrocław and Thessaloniki.
  • Visiting Memorials of WWII, History and Military Museums, exhibitions regarding the Second World War, Jewish Synagogues and Museums, Chambers of Memories, Local Communities and Art Centres in Dresden, Wrocław and Thessaloniki.
  • Memorial tours, city tours and tours exploring the Jewish Community of the cities involved in the project, Dresden, Wrocław and Thessaloniki.
  • International Conferences and Colloquiums in Dresden.
  • Documentaries’ screenings about the Second World War.
  • Exhibitions (Historical Archives, Art) regarding the Second World War.
  • Poetry reciting
  • Performances
  • Concerts
  • Round-table discussions